This is similar to our chive-infused vinegar the other day.  I considered not posting it since it’s basically the same technique but I thought I would since wild leeks (ramps) are soon going to disappear for the year and it’s nice to have options.


Each time we post about ramps, we’ve committed to reminding everyone about the ethics of ramps.  When they are picked, they do not grow back.  Foragers should pick less than 5% of a patch (according to one of the most prominent foragers in Toronto, Forbes) and should avoid patches that would be easily found by others (if everyone takes 5%…).  If you are purchasing your leeks, ensure your supplier is picking from a sustainable source.  It’s important you trust your supplier in giving you the straight goods on the source.  We are fortunate to have a very remote patch at our cabin and have a farmer who picks selectively when those aren’t available.

I infuse vinegar to save work from chopping the ends of the leeks.  I sliced small pieces of bulbs to dry and was left with the ends that you see in the first picture.  Instead of the ‘finicky’ work of finely slicing the ends, I tossed them in the vinegar container, sealed it and put it in the fridge for 2 weeks (we’ll pull the ramps out and cook with them at that time).

We chose a Sherry Vinegar as both ingredients are natural pairings with fish.  Considering what you are going to use the infusion for is a great way to choose what type of vinegar is right for the purpose.

It’s just that simple!

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