What to do with Pickles

WellPreserved On-Demand: What to do with Pickles

Our latest question asked us for cooking ideas for pickles (of all kinds).  I love to use them in imaginative ways (and sometimes the ideas are so obvious we missed them for years). 

 Here’s 10 ideas:

  1. Make relish on-demand.  Chop up the pickled veg to create a ‘custom’ relish to go with your meal.  Bonus tip: add mayo and make tartar sauce.
  2. Add pieces to a salad (I forget this often).
  3. Use the brine in your salad dressings.
  4. Use the brine/ pickles in a stir fry (the acid is a great touch)
  5. A small bit of brine can be added to spaghetti sauce (I wouldn’t use dill pickle brine for this but a brine from spicy carrots or pickled onions is awesome).
  6. Pickled veg or brine can be added to soups.
  7. Augment salsa with chopped bits of pickles (i.e. pickled onions or garlic).
  8. Add to sandwiches
  9. If your pickle was fermented (i.e. sauer kraut), you can drink the brine (its extremeley healthy) and many cultures use it as a health elixir.
  10. Pickles make great accessories to alcohol.

What would you add to the list?

The on-demand series of articles came from topics that users have suggested. We love your questions/ ideas/ requests and will do our best to answer them in this series of posts – feel free to add your ideas in the comments below!

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