We tried our steam juicer for the first time last night.


steam juicer results

Yep, it’s that good.  I’ve rarely seen a piece of equipment so magical as this one and I can’t wait to use it more.  I’ve gone from being curious about steam juicing to being in full-on love with it.  I’m head-over-heels.

We converted 5.5 pounds of rhubarb to 3.8 pounds (just over 7 cups) of juice.  That’s almost 70% extraction!  Not impressed?  Consider this:

  • Much of the rhubarb was past prime and near limp.  It had already lost water content.
  • I did a side-by-side comparison of boiling (and straining) rhubarb.  I boiled 3.5 pounds of fresh rhubarb (with much higher water content) in 3.5 cups of water.  When I removed the solids I was left with 5 cups of rhubarb-infused water (it I extracted less than 2 cups of rhubarb juice from 3.5 pounds; about 31% efficient).
  • The final results of the steam-juiced rhubarb were vastly superior in the following ways:
    • It wasn’t diluted with water.  I’m sure the steam/ condensation results in a small dillusion of the liquid but the steam-juiced rhubarb was so bitter it turned your mouth inside-out.  The boiled version was drinkable (almost like unsweetened lemonade)
    • It was crystal clear; even after 24 hours of settling.  The process doesn’t mix the rhubarb with the final product/ juice and there’s nothing to strain – thus there’s no sediment like there is in the boiled version (even after multiple strainings).
    • There’s 50% less solids left (even though I started with almost 40% more rhubarb).  Both can be dehydrated.
    • It was remarkably efficient.  It took about twice-as-long as the boiled version but lack of straining and the following clean-up saved a lot of that time back.
  • It was nearly effortless.  No need to stir or worry about sticking to the pot.
  • It handled a lot of rhubarb  -and would have done a lot more.  I could have chopped the rhubarb smaller (I broke it with my hands to places it inside the steamer) or added a lot more after 20 minutes (it reduced by 50% very quickly) to process even more.

Now to decide what to do with it

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