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Product Review: Gilda Three-Lever Corker (for Wine Bottles)

We’ve got a few bottle of honey wine (T’ej) to bottle tonight.

Dana had bought me a vintage beer capper a few years back.  Although I considered using it (it’s fully functional), I found this great contraption for $15 which works with regular or synthetic corks in any wine bottle:

Product Review: Gilda Three Lever Corker (for Wine Bottles) November

The device is simple.  There are two handles (in the bottom of the picture of the left).  Separating them creates a large opening for a cork (the first picture in the top-right).  After placing a cork inside it, you squeeze the handles together which squishes the cork (middle photo).  The last lever (the one that has the handle at the top of the first picture) pushes a small peg (visible in the last photo) which pushes the cork into the bottle (which you secure between your feet to do so).

It’s not the mote elaborate and a vintage device made of metal would have been far more appealing to me but it’s affordable and does the job really well and, for the price, is a pretty decent deal.

Do you have a corker?  Do you love or hate it?  What would you seal away behind a cork?

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