It’s been a while since we’ve shared a post on a hands-on tip about preserving – time to make a change.

I became an avid fan of yogurt this winter (something I ironically forget to buy often).  I loved putting additional ingredients in – especially dried fruit.  Dried fruit also makes a great addition to oatmeal.

Apple chips are a favorite addition.  I had a small frustration each time I prepared a bowl I had to pull out a cutting board and a knife and carve my way through a small pile of apple chips.  The first problem with this exercise is that it would happen at 5:00AM (not a time for me to wield a knife) and the second problem was that it created these `perfect`strips of apples that looked more manufactured than crafted.

When we dehydrate apples (click for a full article on dehydrating apple slices) , we tend to use a hand mandoline.  A key to dehydrating is having everything at a consistent thickness so that drying happens evenly.

To get the more rustic chunks above AND get through the massive pile of fruit we had (we have a 9-tray dehydrator) we cheat.  Once the apple is peeled, we put large chunks into our food processor with the slicing blade attached.  We remove the resulting slices and put them back through the slicer which creates apple slices of all sizes – but the same width.

If you don`t use acid (i.e. lemon) on these small pieces, they are prone to go brown fast.  There is simply more surface area for air to access.  While lemon juice will `fix`this, I make a plea for browner fruit here.

We spread these out as best as we can on the dehydration trays but don`t separate individual pieces.

Today proabably isn`t earth-shattering but I hope it may be of interest to some.

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