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This weeks theme was: Kick-Up The Jams!  Bourbon, pepper, balsamic, habaneros, elderflower, ramps and candied ginger all find their way into jam in this weeks round-up as we take a look at some of the less common combinations of flavours that can be added to fruit and jam!


Every Wednesday we share the links from the previous weeks newsletter as we know that some of you would prefer to read these on the site and that sharing the links here increases the reach/ exposure of many of the writers working so hard to share their passions.  These links celebrate the work of so many people working hard to share knowledge and their passions of cooking, preserving and the love of the kitchen and we want to help spread the work of great sites and blogs.


  • Peach and Bourbon Jam ( Beyond the addition of bourbon, I also included this recipe because it includes a link to another recipe for biscuits that they recommend to serve these with!  I love when people go the extra mile and this is such a case.
  • Blackberry, Blueberry, Port Jam (Showfood Chef).  This sounds like an awesome match for cheese and a glass of wine.  Jam; it’s not just for breakfast any more!
  • Toffee Apple Jam (Karen Grieve’s Larder Love) This is a fridge/ freezer jam (you can’t water bath it) – and it’s a fantastically crazy idea.  It’s almost like deconstructed toffee apples in a jar.  I simply LOVE the idea!
  • Strawberry Elderflower Jam (Karen Grieve’s Larder Love) I’ve been wanting to preserve with elderflowers for years and always think that I’ll do it soon – and don’t.  Here’s hoping that this is the year I do; in the meantime, here’s some inspiration for us both!
  • Blackberry Port Jam (Pomona’s Universal Pectin Blog)  I tend to avoid pectin unless it’s absolutely necessary; given the amount of port in this recipe I’m guessing additional pectin is needed to set this jam.  Some things are worth trading off!
  • Blackberry, Mint and Whiskey Jam (Dhanggit’s Kitchen).  This recipe is absolute simplicity and that’s what I love about it.  4 ingredients and they all sound awesome.
  • Cerejas com Aguardente (Cafe Del Mandolo)  Manny made this for the can jam many years ago and it’s never left my memory.  Cherries and amaretto are a natural pair (and a favourite personal combination).  I also just love the name.  Manny doesn’t update his blog any more but was one of the first on-line food bloggers who became (and remains) a real-life friend.
  • Apricot Habanero Jam (Cook.Can.Read) On a recent trip to California I found myself drinking an IPA (bitter beer) that was brewed with habaneros.  It was fiery and I was surprised to see how well habaneros could combine with other flavours – I suspect they would also be a great pairing with apricots!
  • Strawberry Balsamic Black Pepper Jam (WineBookGirl)  I love the combination of strawberries and balsamic.  If you’ve never tried the two together you should stop what you’re doing and try it now!  If you have tried it, check out this recipe that brings them together.
  • Raspberry Currant Jam (Apt 2B)  I adore the photography here and love the combination of sweet and bitter – and the amount of seeds in raspberry and currants would add lots of texture to this jam.
  • Strawberry Mango Mojito Jam (Pixie’s Pocket)  I don’t often preserve with ingredients like mango’s but I read the word ‘Mojito’ and I knew this recipe had to be put on this list.  It doesn’t hurt that it also included rum!
  • Ramp Jam (Kitchen Apparel)  This is a fridge/ freezer jam – and it’s brilliant!  So many ramp recipes are savoury – this recipe goes in a different direction and adds sweetness to the jam.  There’s also some gorgeous photo’s of where the ramps were picked.
  • Herbed Strawberry Balsamic Jam (Notes from a Country Girl Living in the City)  A recipe in metric (as a Canadian I have no preference between Metric and Imperial and my scale measures both).  A simple jam that gets taken in a different direction courtesy of rosemary.
  • Tai’s Rhubarb Ginger Jam (Local Kitchen Blog)  I’ve expressed my love for Kaela’s blog many times and this is another example of why I love it so.  Mixing candied ginger with rhubarb is just a fantastic idea and I love the story of how Tai owns this one…
  • Mulberry Rhubarb Lemon Jam (What Julia Ate)  I love what Julia does and this is no exception.  As if rhubarb isn’t bitter enough, Julie adds lemon rind to take it over the top!  Sweetness is added with sugar – and mulberries. I’d love to try this combination!
  • Watermelon Jam (Beets and Blue Cheese)  It’s going to be quite a while before watermelon is available around these parts but this recipe was too off-the-wall to ignore.  I’ve never heard of watermelon jam and can’t imagine what it tastes like but it has made me really curious!
  • Black Raspberry Freezer Jam (Just Cut the Mold Off)  This is a fascinating idea to me – the unnamed author cooks the pectin but not the berries!  This allows them to thicken this freezer jam while preserving the fresh flavours of the berries (and not cooking them).
  • Peach Jam with Sasparilla Root (Cook.Can.Read) This is another fantastic idea.  Sasparilla root (a main ingredient in natural root beer) can be difficult to find (try looking in health food stores) but the idea of using it in jam could be worth the hassle.
  • Slow Cooker Blueberry Butter (Food in Jars) Marisa is back on our list.  I’ve seen her use her slow cooker to make jams and butters several times and I really love the idea though I’ve never tried it.


I haven’t posted many jam recipes over the last few years; rationalizing that I must have shared many of them in the first few years of the blog.

Doing this round-up has opened my eyes – we’re actually a little short of jam recipes!  Keep your eyes open for more shortly!

  • Wild Blueberry Maple Jam The one recipe that family demands I make year after year.  I’m also honoured that Marisa (Food in Jars) included her version of this recipe and gave us credit in her latest book, Preserving By the Pint.
  • Fig-Honey Jam This was the surprise hit of last summer.  We made a very small amount and went through it fast – it was an amazing after-dinner jam that went well with brie and other creamy cheeses.
  • Raspberry Jam (Two Ways) I love red raspberries – but these golden ones were too good to miss (and to mix with honey for jam).
  • Apricot, Currant, Grand Marnier and White Pepper Jam Another jam that was made for cheese.  The seeds of the currants add a great ‘pop’ that adds a certain something to this jam.

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