Yes we do!! We’re going to be doing a fall Home Ec theme on Honey (and all things bees) and will be sharing a great article on beekeeping and the effects of insecticides on the bee population from our bee correspondent and Beekeeper friend Karen at around the same time. I’m heading up for a hive visit this week and will be sharing some photos later on too.

BUT if you’re in Toronto we will be helping Karen out at the Leslieville Farmers’ Market “Big-Ups for Bees “A day to celebrate bees and everything they do for us!). That’s on Sunday July 28 during normal market hours (9am – 2pm). Karen will bee there representing the Urban Toronto Beekeepers’ Association alongside members of Ontario Beekeepers association and U of T B.E.E.S. (Beekeeping Education Enthusiast Society). They’ll all be sharing information on urban beekeeping, why bees are important to our livelihood and survival and information on hive tours. They’ll also be there to talk about Colony Collapse Disorder, and neonicotinoids….things that are threatening the entire bee population.

also coming out to Big-Ups for Bees are:

Local restaurant Glas Wine Bar will be sharing culinary and cocktail tips for using honey in delicious ways.

Bees Universe is a regular at teh market and they’ll be offering tastings of honey and honeycomb alongside their usual offerings of honey, royal jelly and beeswax.

Apoidea Blooms Nursery will be selling organically grown native wild flowers…bees love those, encourage pollinators in your garden.

There’s also going to be appearances by Shakespeare in the Ruff, Withrow Park’s resident summer shakespeare company. They’ll be doing bee-themed bits from their favourite Shakespeare plays. Jean Louie reflexology will also be there to offer “Gardener’s Massages”! Lots of activities for kids along with appearances from some cuddly mascots “Pierre ” the bear, “Honey” the bee, and “Aldridge” the apple.

Karen is also going to have some of her organic honey soap “Hi-Honey” available, and I might bring along some of our Periodic Table of Waterbath Preserving Posters (without bees there would be nothing to preserve people!! come out and learn more).

Here’s the details!

Jonathan Ashbridge Park

(Queen E to Eastern Ave, halfway between Greenwood and Coxwell in east-end Toronto)

Sunday, July 28, 2013 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Free of charge

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