We send a weekly newsletter focused on a single-topic related to preserving, cooking, local food, foraging, gardening or something else.  Our goal with the newsletter is “to be the most useful resource in your inbox.”  The newsletter includes links to many other websites with ideas sharing knowledge about the topic as well as original content, announcements and occasional contests from us as well.  As an added bonus we send all subscribers the link to a file for labels that Dana hand-designed so you can print your own designer labels to decorate your jars.

Every Wednesday we share the links from the previous weeks newsletter as we know that some of you would prefer to read these on the site and that sharing the links here increases the reach/ exposure of many of the writers working so hard to share their passions.  We had almost 20 links to other sites; you can find them as well as the links to some of our asparagus archive below:



  • Spicy Pickled Asparagus (Marisa McClellan of Food In Jars on Simple Bites) Pickled asparagus is awesome – it’s also a great addition to a bloody mary/ bloody ceasar (add a bit of the brine to either drink)
  • Perfectly Pickled (Living Homegrown) Theresa Loe inspires me.  She doesn’t use the stems in this recipe (though she does use them for general cooking later).
  • Pickled Asparagus with White Wine or Balsamic Vinegar (Blue Kale Road on Food 52) The photo in this post is one of the prettiest pickles I ‘ve ever seen.  The idea of using balsamic is interesting to me – just make sure it’s 5% or higher in acidity
  • Pepper and Garlic Pickled Asparagus (Putting Up with Erin) A not-so-spicy recipe for those who avoid the heat.  We also love ‘Putting Up with Erin’ and what she’s sharing there.
  • Pickled with Fennel (Coconut and Lime) I love her jars – and the idea of using fennel in this recipe.
  • Lemony Pickled Asparagus (From the Garden Table) If there’s anything better than lemon and asparagus (other than butter) I don’t know what it is.  This recipe brings that combination off the dinner plate and into the jar of pickles!
  • Garlicky Pickled Asparagus (Minnesota From Scratch)  I’m a garlic fiend which is why this recipe completely appeals to me.  They’ve also discovered the use of pickled asparagus in cocktails



  • Pressure Canned Asparagus Spears (National Center for Home Food Preservation) It’s an academic article but they are my go-to resource for safety and I like to include them whenever I can in these round-ups.
  • Pressure Canning Asparagus (Creating Nirvana) A ‘friendlier’ walkthrough of pressure canning asparagus!


  • Dehydrating Asparagus (They Might be Homesteading) I’d be tempted to use this as a powder (as they show), add it to soups or use in a rub.


  • Easy Refrigerator Pickled Asparagus (Putney Farm) Not comfortable with canning or looking for a quick way to preserve a few pounds of asparagus?  Here’s a quick recipe to do just that.
  • Quick and Easy Refrigerator Pickles (She Simmers) The shaved garlic in this recipe looks absolutely stunning.
  • Quick Pickled Asparagus with Tarragon (Gourmande in the Kitchen).  I almost never cook with tarragon!  This recipe may change that; I really like that they’ve used cider vinegar and honey as well – and their photos are stunning.


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