I’ve worked in different businesses most of my life.  I’ve worked in all sorts of different companies in all sorts of roles.  I’ve never been a big believer in completely separating work from the rest of my life; there are all sorts of things I’ve learned at work that I use in the rest of my life – and all sorts of things I’ve learned in life that I use at work.

Here’s 10 things I’ve learned from work that apply to preserving:

  1. Teamwork
    A good team will out perform a group of solo-stars.  While I do plenty of preserving by myself it’s fun to preserve in small groups – especially when preserving large batches.  I adore a good pickle or jam session with Dana and/or a few friends, great music and a supply of wine or beer.
  2. Organization
    Be organized.  It makes the task easier, faster and more enjoyable when you’re making preserves.
  3. Planning
    I once made more than 300 jars of jam in 60 days.  I was jam-drunk.  I was having so much fun making jam that I didn’t think of the consequences – specifically what the heck I was going to with 300 jars of jam.
  4. Mesure twice, cut once
    Each year I make at least one dreadful mistake related to measuring.  I forget the sugar, double the vinegar or forget a key ingredient.  Read the recipe in advance, check as you go and measure everything carefully!
  5. Cheer the progress
    Take time to pat yourself and others on the back for preserving.  It feels good to put food up for the winter – celebrate the little victories to stay motivated.
  6. Fun
    It’s difficult to get good at anything you don’t enjoy.  Preserving is a lot of fun but if you’re too focused on the results it can be easy to forget to ‘fun’ part.
  7. Practice
    Make small batches (Food in Jars has a ton of recipes for them), swap with friends and preserve with others before making giant batches.  When learning to ferment hot sauce I would ferment a cup or hot peppers at a time (over the winter) before committing to make a gallon (or more) of hot sauce.
  8. Learn
    Read, study and watch videos.  Go beyond the usual sources and look for inspiration from other cultures, chefs, books, blogs and magazines.
  9. Share
    The more you share, the more that will be shared with you.  Talk to friends, family and others that share your passion and you’re bound to learn more about it.
  10. Coach
    When you’re comfortable with the process of preserving, help others learn how to do it.  The more you share your knowledge, the more you’ll learn!

What would you add to this list?

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